I bet you didn’t know neuromusculoskeletal specialist was Latin for “no marketing”.  All kidding aside….Our client base has been created solely by referrals, and for that we are most appreciative.  If we have been able to help you in some way, we would appreciate you sharing your experience with others.  Share your experience with us by clicking here and sending us a message.

Over the past three years, Josh has successfully treated all three of my children and their various running ailments - all with expert diagnosis and treatment. Simply put, he is remarkable.

- Hank Stuart

A few weeks ago I came in to see you and I could not run without pain!! I had mysteriously pulled something in my left calf and had taken 2+ weeks off without any success. I had committed to 5 other guys that I would run the Grand Canyon (Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim) in October and I was nervous this would be a lost! I came in on a Monday and we talked for 10 mins and you worked on me for the remaining 50 mins and gave me instructions on what to do over the next few weeks and surprisingly told me that I should be running by the weekend. I left cautiously optimistic and wow were you correct!! Since that Monday approx. 8 weeks ago I have been back to my old self and logging in big miles in PWP as well as other trails around the Southeast where my job takes me.Bottom Line – Thanks for everything!! I tell people that you are my faith healer without the snakes, magic oil, or the big revival tent!

Tom Holland, ultra endurance athlete

I was diagnosed with a small anterior labrum tear and capsular laxity in my right shoulder. After having gone the surgical route in my left shoulder for a similar issue, I was determined to exhaust all options before pulling the trigger on my right shoulder. Just three weeks after having had my initial consult with Josh Renkens and his staff, I am able to train hard and pain-free, and will likely indefinitely postpone my surgery!

- Teja Yenamandra

I was in a car accident in high school that left my left arm and hand numb. After 8 years of seeing many doctors, specialists, and receiving numerous tests, I was told I would never regain feeling again. I discovered The Renkens Center in college and after 3 treatments I had full feeling of my hand again! I had one brief relapse since, but after only one more session I have now been fully functional for over 3 years! I never thought I would have a "normal" hand again, and Josh gave that to me! I highly recommend The Renkens Center: Josh is very knowledgeable and gets results. Thank you!!

- Sadie Jo Harris

From my first visit to the last, there were always two things that happened.  First, Josh always made me feel better physically, almost instantly.  His knowledge of the human body is seemingly endless, and he is always willing to talk in detail about anything to help you get better.  Secondly, he always makes you feel better mentally.  Josh never failed to give a big smile and a positive message that always made you feel like the treatment is truly going to work – and it does!  Overall the experience working with Josh was incredible and I encourage anyone looking for a reliable source for getting – or staying – healthy to consider working with him.

- Sean Keveren, 3-time Tennessee State Champion; currently running @ University of Virginia

I first visited Josh shortly after my second marathon because I was experiencing hip pain while running. I was astonished by how quickly he resolved that issue and with benefits I have experienced since as his client. Physically Josh has greatly improved my range of motion, running form, and engaged supporting muscles to help prevent injury. Since the 10 months I have seen him I just qualified for Boston with a pr (time improvement) of almost 15 minutes. In addition to the physical benefits of seeing Josh he readily shares knowledge. He has a passion and level of commitment to help others that is visible. I appreciate being his client and happily encourage anyone wanting to improve their health and ability to function to see him.

- Heather Sarubbi