Sports Performance Training Services

Some athletes may be predisposed to injury due to muscular imbalances. These imbalances place additional stress on their tissues and joints. When an athlete trains at a high level, the imbalances are magnified, and eventually the body reaches a point where it can no longer adapt to the stress.

Moving with muscular imbalances is like driving a car with poor alignment. The faster you drive it, the faster the tires wear out. Similarly, your body wears out and communicates through pain. In most cases, pain is the result of over-stressing an area of the body due to a dysfunction somewhere else.

Resilient Health & Performance uses techniques that will not only help athletes quickly recover from injuries, but prevent injuries by utilizing a system of checks and balances to prepare your body to be more efficient in training and competition.

Using a tailored set of techniques, we can provide athletes with a means to enhance their sports performance by identifying weak movements and correcting them to optimize overall function. Athletes can see immediate improvements in their performance. These enhancements can range from increasing their agility and running speed to improving the power in their swing or throwing arm.

Resilient Health & Performance strives to accelerate your body’s own healing mechanisms and optimize function. As a result, you succeed in complete recovery and can quickly return to the activities that you love!

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