Personal & Group Training Services

The services provided and the methods we use train your body to perform efficiently by focusing on your own body resistance rather than getting lost in clunky, complicated machines. Using your body’s natural movements and resistance allows you to work multiple muscle groups together, making your workouts more effective. Beginning with primal movement patterns and scaling intensity based on the individual, Resilient Health & Performance trains your body to grow stronger and more balanced. We train your movements, not your muscles and this in turn trains your body to move better.

Resilient Health & Performance fitness program provides a wide range of opportunity for you to reach your goals and live the lifestyle you deserve. to learn how we can work together to train your body to be better than ever!

Personal & Group Training

Are you looking to improve your workout regimen or create one from scratch? Whether this is your first time working out with a trainer or you’re just looking for the right trainer, Resilient Health & Performance offers unique personal or small group training sessions that cater to individual needs. With Resilient Health & Performance, small group sessions and one-on-one sessions are designed to cater to every individual.

Training Programs

Resilient Health and Performance training programs are split into 3 progressive tiers:

Tier 1 is an individualized training program to address existing chronic and acute ailments. thumb2In other words, a program designed to help you rehabilitate injuries to help you feel better, move better and get you back to your former self. These programs are typically private or semi-private sessions to allow for individual attention.

trainer7Tier 2 is a challenging program that includes a variety of primal movements that provide a great workout, as well as lay a foundation for more complex movement patterns. Every workout begins with a thorough warm-up that will address inefficient movement/mobility using the methods of Functional Range Conditioning. In addition to increased mobility, increased strength, and decreased body fat, you will learn to:

  • •  Crawl
  • •  Climb
  • •  Squat
  • •  Swing
  • •  Carry
  • •  Row and Ski on Concept 2 ergometers
  • •  Control your body in a variety of challenging movements

Tier 2 is designed to help you move better but also to have a good time. The variety of movements will make you a better, healthier athlete, giving you the prerequisites to conquer almost any goal you choose to undertake.


Tier 3 is a challenging program that is reserved for those that have passed a set of prerequisites, making it a safe progression to your training. Tier 3 can be as much mental as it is physical and the standards and expectations are high. Complex barbell movements are introduced and every session includes a strength and conditioning component. A competitive environment is created, encouraging camaraderie and teamwork, but also partners to push you beyond your perceived limits.

Tier 3 movements include all of the movements and mobility work of Tier 2 but also include:

  • •  Barbell complexes
  • •  Snatch, Clean and Deadlift
  • •  Higher volume bodyweight work
  • •  More complex bodyweight movements