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 With absolute confidence, I can state that every student-athlete that I work with at Vanderbilt University would benefit from spending time with Josh.  Whether it be ART, MAT, cold laser, movement assessment, or any of the other skills that Josh uses, I am consistently blown away by the results he has produced and the depth of information that he presents.  We are very aware just how talented Josh is, and are thankful that an expert with his far reaching abilities for injury resolution, recovery, and performance is available in Nashville to benefit our program at Vanderbilt.

- Curtis Turner, SCCC - Assistant Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Coach Vanderbilt University

I would highly recommend Josh Renkens to anyone interested in improving their health and quality of life. Josh is that unique practitioner who can utilize his high skill level to help people remove pain from their bodies and optimize their performance in athletics and in life. He is the consummate professional who truly cares about his clients and will go to great lengths to use all the amazing tools in his wellness toolbox. Nashville is very fortunate to have Josh practicing his craft.

- Jeff Salzenstein, former Top 100 professional tennis player

As a distance runner staying healthy is imperative to success. This past winter I was entering my final track season at Belmont University, and I found myself in a desperate situation: I had an injury in my hip that progressed to the point where I could no longer train. After countless sports medicine, chiropractor, acupuncture, and massage therapy appointments I was finally recommended to The Renkens Center. Josh immediately knew what was going on in my hip and what to do to help it. In just two visits there was a dramatic difference in my hip and I was able to resume training and stay healthy through the season and ultimately qualify for NCAA’s.

- Lauren Weaver,  NCAA qualifier for Belmont University

I had been dealing with ice hockey related chronic pain in the right thigh, hip and hamstring for months. I had seen an internist, traditional chiropractic, general practitioner and an orthopedist, all of which were unable to provide a solution to my pain. That Josh was able to diagnose me in five to ten minutes and relieve 90 - 100% of my pain in 45 to 50 minutes is simply amazing. Having stability and balance returned to the effected muscle groups has allowed me to enjoy the game I am most passionate about again without regretting it afterward. Thanks, Josh!

- Derek Colby

Josh, thank you so much for working on my hip/glute problem on Friday.  I took Saturday off and ran on Sunday.  My legs felt better than they have in a LONG time.  Everything seemed to be clicking along on all cylinders; it was amazing.  Legs felt incredible and actually aligned for first time in a long time!!!!!!!  I cannot thank you enough and will refer you to any of my running buddies... hands down!!!

- Marci Tharan

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