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I heard about him from a trainer at my gym. I went in because I had been having problems with my hip for the past year that started during my pregnancy. The nerve would act up and I could barely walk on many days. Josh fixed my hip within 20 minutes and the amazing thing was that he also fixed my shoulder. I had had a knot in the back of my shoulder for about five years that just wouldn't go away and bothered me almost daily. Massages would only help temporarily. I have not had to return for further treatments and after a few weeks of lingering tenderness after the one treatment I have not had any problems with either my hip or my shoulder in the year since I last saw him.

- Laura M.

Hey Josh - I just wanted to give you the results for the Footlocker meet and thank you for all the work you did in the weeks before hand. I ended up running my best time to date pain free; a 15:42. That was a full minute faster than my time at the state meet, and a good 50-second improvement from last year on the same course. I know that I probably would not have been in the same physical condition, or had the same mental confidence had I not come to see you. I just wanted to let you know that my family and I appreciate you seeing me at the last second; especially on a Sunday afternoon.  It really means a lot to have that personal attention. Thanks again!

- Nathan Thomas

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis by my Family Practice doctor.  I could barely stand or walk due to the pain.  She prescribed special shoes and inserts and advised that if that was not successful, treatment by steroid injections or perhaps surgery was in the future.  The shoes helped some but did not restore my ability to move as I desired.  A friend told me of the Active Release Treatment and I found Dr. Renkens here in Nashville.  His first treatment resulted in significant improvement and after four sessions, I am 90% as good as new!  I again lead my life with only minor restrictions, thanks to Dr. Renkens.  I wholeheartedly recommend him and the ART procedure for anyone with Plantar Fascitis.  It restored my quality of life!

- Lee Reavis

I suffered from plantar faciitis for about a year and had continued pain. I attempted the traditional medicine track and had no success. I began to see see Josh in July and have achieved NO PAIN! THANKS, JOSH! I continue to recommend you whenever I can!

- Jennifer M.

Wow…what an event! I ran my best race ever. I set a PR of 3:41:15 which requalifies me for next year…even ran negative splits!  It all came together. If I hadn’t stopped for a porta potty on mile 13, I might have been :50 faster. The legs/foot were fine the whole time. THANK YOU for all your help. I know I will call on you again next time.

- Rick Jonardi; Boston Marathon Finisher

I wanted to thank you for helping my daughter, Emily McManus, with her knee problem. She had been going to physical therapy for almost 3 months under the guidance of an orthopedic surgeon with no results. After 3 treatments with you she is running again and we are so relieved! She leaves July 16 for West Point Prep School and we were really getting worried about how she would make it on a bad knee. She has worked years to reach this goal! Her other doctor had wanted to do surgery! We are so glad that a West Point Grad had known about you and recommeded you to us. I just regret not knowing about you sooner! We spent lots of time from work, school, and missed track season for doctors appointments and physical therapy sessions 3 times a week, not to mention thousands of dollars on MRIs, deductibles, and co-pays. Thank you from the McManus Family!

- Carol McManus

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