As someone who has experienced the 40's I can defiantly say I've learned a few things in regards to training and recovery as we get older... I mean more mature ha.

1. Practice near perfect technique on all movements. Think about doing all movements with a more deliberate focused approach, moving the weight through a full range of motion with a pause in the bottom and top of reps. You can also place more emphasis on the negative or lowering phase of each rep. 

2. Perform more Warm up sets. At Resilient, we like to start workouts with a general warm up including dynamic mobility. After the general warm up we include specific warm up sets to prep the movement for optimal loads. You should have a light sweat after a good general warm up. 

3. Avoid pain in movements. It is best to allow the body to speak to you. Pain is the bodies language, it is telling you to limit the range of motion or the movement all together. We recommend you use a range of motion that allows pain free movement. 

4. Rotate a variety of movements and rep schemes. The body is always trying to work more efficiently as we adapt to the demands of training. Basically we will prescribe a variety of high and low reps schemes as well as changing the movement patterns. 

The final recommendation is be safe. The optimal goal of strength training is to feel better. 

By Mick Weber