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A study published in Nature Communications shows that exercise is "socially contagious." This means that others can have a major influence in one's exercise routine. The study also suggests that friends can inspire us to work out more and even trigger our competitive streak by wanting to perform better than our peers.

This could be why group training has become one of 2017's biggest fitness trends. And if you've never considered participating in one before, perhaps these 10 facts might convince you to give it a spot in your weekly routine.

1. It's Cost-Effective

You hear of celebrity trainers such as Harley Pasternak, Gunnar Peterson or Ashley Borden and you could just imagine how much it would cost to hire one. With group exercise training, you still get the benefits of working with a personal trainer but in a group setting.

For the trainer's part, it's also a good way to attract more clients. Since he or she can bring his training costs down, more people can afford to train with a personal trainer without having to pay the full price of one-on-one training.

2. It Keeps You Motivated

Working out alone can be difficult, especially if you just can't find the inspiration to get off the couch. But if you have a tribe of people, whom you can rely on to urge you to push through it, they will prevent you from giving into your inner saboteur.

Instead of having conversations with yourself why you should or should not go to the gym today, think of the people in your group. With or without you there, they will be hitting their fitness goals. So why should you let yourself be left out?

3. It Makes You More Accountable

When you make a promise to yourself to work out today, you'll only be disappointing one person if you break that promise. It's a different matter though if you're group training with friends.

They'll definitely be disappointed if you miss classes. They might also worry, especially if you don't let them know why you've been skipping group training. If you're considerate at all of your friends' feelings, you wouldn't ditch them just because you're feeling lazy.

4. It's Not Boring

Well, this one may seem obvious but some people do have this misconception that group fitness classes just don't provide enough variety. Take for example, indoor cycling workout classes. All you do is pedal, right?

But it's really more than that. Some classes even do dancing on the stationary bike. Plus, even with other types of group training, you can expect trainers to mix it up. 

There's an emphasis on variety so students don't get in a rut. The objective is to keep things fresh so you'll want to go back for more.

5. It's Just as Intense as Personal Training

In a group setting, you might think the trainer will not care if you don't have the proper form or if you're slacking off. After all, there are other people in the class. Perhaps, you can just phone it in, especially if you're having an off day.

The truth is your group fitness trainer will take steps to ensure that everyone in the class is following the proper instruction. He or she will also design the class in such a way that it is appropriate for different fitness levels.

6. It's Doable Even During Injury Recovery

Just make sure you inform your instructor prior to the workout. It's always a good idea to arrive early, more so if it's your first time taking a group fitness class.

Depending on the type of injury you have, your group trainer may suggest modifications or refer you to another group exercise class that would most benefit your body while you are recovering from an injury.

7. It's a Great Way to Meet People

Yes, you'll meet like-minded people and maybe they'll become your good friends. But there are also real-life stories of people who fell in love under the influence of endorphins.

Of course, scoring a sweaty date shouldn't be your only reason to try group training. That's just an added bonus.

Making new friends though is something of a sure bet, considering the setting. And that's also a very good thing if you're trying to widen your social circle.

8. It Can Be Virtual

Technology has made it possible for everyone to take personal or group exercise classes even if the trainer is ill or has an emergency. Some gyms or fitness centers allow clients to take group classes with their virtual facilities.

There are also different formats and class lengths. But the quality of the workout remains the same. An obvious advantage to this is you can repeat a class as often as you want to and you never have to wait for an instructor because you can be sure he or she is always on time.

9. It Can Be Personal

There are groups that prefer to differentiate themselves from typical formatted classes such as Zumba or step aerobics. These are much smaller classes (usually less than 10 per group) and their instructors prefer to be called as group personal trainers.

In this setting, they are more of a coach instead of an instructor. They usually customize the routines based on the fitness level of the members. This means members can perform exercises at their own pace, without being pressured to keep up with the fitter members of the group.

10. It's Fun

Yes, it's another obvious fact. There's nothing surprising about this but I felt the need to include this here because it's a great way to get out of your comfort zone. If you've never tried a group class, challenge yourself to just try one and you might find that it's just the thing you need to inject some fun into your workout routine.

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