This is not the first time I have written about the kettlebell swing, nor am I the first to write about it at all. In fact, there are lots of people who have learned to swing the kettlebell properly and have shared the benefits with others. I hope this reaches a few people who are unaware of this awesome movement and the various benefits it can provide when executed properly. I recently took a trip to the beach, and knowing I would not have access to a gym, I brought a kettlebell with me.  Being there a few days, I incorporated different movements with the kettlebell, including presses, pulls, windmills, row, and Turkish get ups.  I also did one workout consisting primarily of kettlebell swings (lots of them) and because I felt so marvelous afterward, I was inspired to write about it.

In his book, Enter The Kettlebell, Pavel states, "I dare you to find a single exercise, kettebell or not, that delivers more benefits than the kettlebell swing!" Right or not, I know Pavel could make a solid case for his choice of exercise. This movement is so fantastic, and the benefits which can be derived from its proper execution so plentiful, that it is deserved of more attention, including yours -  Lol.

* One becomes stronger, more powerful, leaner, more flexible, and more resistant to injury.

* Swings help develop the often overlooked, but vitally important posterior chain muscles, including the gluteals, hamstrings, and deep stabilizers of the back.

* Swinging a kettlebell correctly strengthens the "core" muscles, including the abdominals, obliques, and transverse abdominus. These muscles have no choice but to work synergistically for your benefit when swings are performed correctly.

* Higher reps swing sets help develop back endurance. Several studies have described and proven that low back muscular endurance helps reduce incidence of low back injury.

* Swings also strengthen other muscles which play an important role in protecting your back, including the latissimus dorsi, the mid- and lower traps, and hip flexors.

* Higher rep swing sets or moderate reps for a higher number of sets can provide a huge metabolic boost for those looking to shed fat and improve body composition.

I have also found the kettlebell swing to be a great tool during the warm up of training days as well as a finisher in some form of met con work at the end of other training days. You can't go wrong either way. Do it at the beginning to get the glutes / hip muscles firing and hip hinge pattern going, or finish with it to restore proper motion / muscle recruitment which may have been (hopefully not) lost during the meat of your workout.

Here is a brief video of me describing and demonstrating the kettlebell swing:

If you don't know how to execute the swing properly, learn it. If you are not sure if you are swinging correctly, find out. Call or email us to set up your training appointment or seek out other another RKC instructor. We are best reached at (615) 915-3188 or

Dr. Josh Renkens

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