This is a life book; one that describes Greatness! The Author, Don Yaeger intentionally capitalizes the word greatness throughout his book to indicate that Greatness is way of being versus a one-time achievement, winning a championship, or setting a record. Don Yaeger is a prolific writer who speaks from his heart & writes as if he is carrying on a conversation with you in your own home.

"What Is Greatness?"

As the title suggests, the book is comprised of 16 chapters, each chapter consists of detailed stories illustrating aspects of Greatness with examples from all the sports greats that Yaeger has interviewed over the years. Being a sports fan, I really enjoyed reading his firsthand accounts of how various athletes and business professionals achieved Greatness in their lives. Yaeger also challenged me to look for areas in my professional and personal life that can be improved by embracing these lessons. 

I get a sense that Yaeger is a really good guy and he likely walks his talk. If I ever have an opportunity to meet Don Yaeger or hear him speak, I will jump at the opportunity.

Dr. Josh