Welcome to Resilient Health & Performance

Our mission: Accelerated healing and enhanced performance.

You are built for movement. You are built to be pain-free. Your body is capable of so much more.

Resilient Health & Performance uses an approach that is uniquely designed for individual improvement by training your body to reward movement. We offer an integrated approach utilizing the most effective methods available to treat muscle imbalances and neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. The results of our approach provide you with improved dynamic function and ability to perform the activities that most interest you.

At Resilient Health & Performance, we strive to be the best and to provide the best services. We are inspired and we want to inspire others. We want you to feel great, perform at the top of your game (both in life and sport), embrace life and thrive.

Resilient is not simply a resource for injury treatment and rehab. Nor is it just a gym in which to lift weights. Resilient is not your run of the mill physical therapy and it is not a fitness club.

On the treatment side of our system, Dr. Renkens and Dr. Leist aim to provide innovative techniques to not only help you get out of pain, but also show you strategies to restore function and prevent reoccurrence of the injury.

On the gym side, our doctors and coaches possess the range of skills to address specific rehab needs for patients in acute and sub-acute pain. During this phase, we address the cause of pain and restore proper patterns of movement.

When you walk into Resilient, you will likely see a wide array of individuals working on a variety of skills and addressing different needs. On the opposite side of rehab, we provide a fun and competitive environment for others looking to improve their fitness and realize their potential. The programming provided by Dave Ray will challenge you both physically and mentally while also keeping you safe. The periodization of the program allows for optimum recovery between sessions and phases of training.

We strive each and every day to build a culture that embraces community, support, hard work, movement and well being.

We welcome you to come see what we are all about and join the Resilient Family.

Be Resilient!

Why is Resilient Health & Performance right for you?

Your body is your most important commodity. In order for you to maintain a productive lifestyle, your body must be able to meet and withstand life’s challenges. All it requires is an investment in your most valuable asset: your body.

Take control. Fortunately, we all have the ability to control our body and how we maintain it. Let us provide the proper resources and training to help you achieve and maintain the desired return on your investment!

Resilient Health & Performance believes in:
  • •  Empowering you through education
  • •  Treating the cause of a problem – rather than just the symptoms
  • •  Enabling individuals to do things they never thought possible
  • •  Accomplishing any goal you have!

And you should too. Through our manual techniques, video coaching, and guidance, we provide you with education and proprietary methods that will enable and empower you to eliminate or manage your pain in a safe, non-invasive, and sustainable way.

How does Resilient Health & Performance fit your lifestyle?

Resilient Health & Performance takes training back to its fundamental roots.

Competitive, active athletes often think that their lifestyle requires lengthy recovery and rehabilitation. But moving in more progressively complex patterns will allow your body to reward you with pain free movement. The key is giving your body the optimum environment in which to heal and improve function. Your body is fully capable of adapting to the stresses imposed upon it through training and competition.

The services provided and the methods we use are not limited to removing pain. Those that are pain free or seeking enhanced performance can benefit from understanding primal movement. Both with rehabilitation and with training, pain is often a latent symptom of dysfunction. Pain means your body has been compensating and has finally crossed its threshold.  Pain is simply your body’s signal call for help!

With a series of checks and balances, corrective exercises and training programs we can prepare the body to be more efficient when training, competing and engaging in daily activities that make you happy and pain-free.

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Our Approach

Our approach is based on the premise of primal movement patterns and the belief that pain and dysfunction occur as a result of impairment to those patterns. Primal movement patterns are based on the fundamental methodology of “crawling before you walk” or learning to move your body effectively and efficiently through a series of increasingly complex patterns. Click here to learn more...

Our Experts

At Resilient Health & Performance, our experts have the qualifications and have developed the techniques that will not only help you recover from pain quickly, but can also help with injury prevention. Click here to learn more...